My Best Most Super Fantastic Professional WebSite

Ha!  Why would I need a personal professional website.  Well it turns out that a professional website can help a virtual nobody in the business world become a somebody by allowing them to showcase their skills, talents, etc., to potential employers.  According to, the five top reasons for creating a professional website are;

1.  Professional websites improve your chances of being found.

2.  Most first impressions happen online.

3.  They give your content more exposure.

4.  They send a strong professional impression.

5.  Your personality can be displayed.


My own website would be rather simple in design.  It would have a light-colored background with a dark font.  I would include a photoshopped picture of me receiving the nobel prize, the key to the city, or the gold medal in figure skating (just kidding).  I don’t think a flashy site is what gets a persons attention.  Instead, it is the content that speaks to those that view it.  Therefore it would highlight things like my personality, bio, previous and current research, publications, and accomplishments.  My basic contact information and a photo of myself would be included as well.  It might have links to my other business relate profiles on networking websites such as LinkedIn.  I haven’t any need for fancy functions.  Therefore traffic monitoring would be one of the only other functions it would have.  At the moment I do not have a professional website.  So, I guess I better stop speaking in hypotheticals and get started building one.


One thought on “My Best Most Super Fantastic Professional WebSite

  1. I’m not sure everyone needs a website, but the technology’s importance will certainly not diminish. I, too, am a minimalist. I think the theme or design is an important first impression and should reflect the owner’s interests or qualities visually. If you just had to have some kind of splash, what would it be? An image of a gladiator?

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